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  • Wa****r.
    Clean unit, easily installed.
  • De****dy
    If your looking for a sign to get one of these do it, I mean it's got everything you need outa the box, no need for a wiring harness or customer fit pieces. Works great, and I can watch you tube video by running off my phones Hotspot
  • J****.
    It was great product. Easy to install and user friendly.
  • Iv****er
    I installed this radio in a 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 extended cab. The radio fit as well as the factory installed radio.The install took longer, primarily because there aren't any instructions and it is plug and play. There are about five connections and you just plug them into the radio. The connections are for the gps, backup camera, microphone, speaker, USB connections. amp and antenna.The biggest issue was limited space and putting all of the wiring and connections into the console. I opted not to connect the amplifier connections, the speaker or microphone on the radio because of the limited space in the console with all the wiring.Bluetooth works great and a bonus is the USB connection; charging my phone is a plus.Lastly, I did install a backup camera to the radio without any issue. Having a video screen for the camera was my primary reason for buying the radio. The backup camera that I installed is a Erapta ERT01.
  • G****G
    I bought this Android radio to replace the stock radio in a 2011 Yukon SLT. Instalation went smooth, and looks good with the factory GMC bezel, no need for an aftermarket install kit. I took a chance with this Android unit, as I never could find an answer to whether or not you can add thr SiriusXM app for Android- indeed you can, and it works great. You'll need to use your phone's hotspot for a connection, but it works like a champ.An annoyance that I haven't figured out yet is the chime. It sounds ridiculous. Using your blinker? The blinker sound coming thru the chime speaker sounds awful, and there doesn't appear to be a control input within the settings to allow you to turn it down or off. None of the sound settings in the menu appear to be able to control it. Maybe I just haven't found it yet.I do like this radio, my Yukon has the Bose factory sound, and this radio really makes it come to life - it's never sounded so good. I'll update my review in a few weeks after I've had a chance to use the radio more.
  • De****ds
    I have lost a app that I use wend I am in the truck and park I could sit in truck with ignition off , and the radio is plying and as I open the door it go off then . can i get this feature [email protected]
  • Jo****er
    Great fit for a 07 GMC Acadia came with everything to install it no need for extra wiring and adapters
  • D****D
    I was hesitant to buy any radio since I wanted to keep the factory feel and function of my rear dvd player but I took a chance on this one. WOW! This was pretty much plug and play. Just connected the 3 harnesses from stock radio to the radio harness. Connect the canbus to the harness stuck the GPS antenna under the dash and connected my aftermarket backup camera to the input. I do have the bose system and now the speakers come to life. My wife said WOW this thing gets loud. Theory down side if you call it one is the clock will not change to the proper time zone, the track forward and back are opposite and I haven't figured out how to change the command, and the aftermarket speaker for the chimes and warnings takes a little getting used to. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get rid of there stock radio for a nice touch screen especially if you got kids and want to have the DVD fuction. I did want to mention that I added a Mr Shield anti glare anti finger print screen protector to the touch screen to make it easier to see in the daylight. they dont make one specific for the radio I just cut one of the spare ones I had for my tablet
  • K****h
    A plug n play android head unit should cost alot more, so it's hard to complain, but I'm going to lol. Over great, it's like having a tablet for a radio but with all the knows and buttons a normal head unit would have! However I do hear some EMF interference, which can be heard as a faint whine that's in relation with engine RPM. The clock is also fast, if you set it to the correct time, a week later it will gain an extra 20 or 30 minutes. Even thought it pairs with the phones blue tooth immediately, you have to select Bluetooth on the head unit, and Bluetooth audio before you can start listening to music every since time the truck is restarted. Overall good unit, not sure if 2 of the concerns are caused by a defective head unit, but it is what it is!
  • Ri****rk
    Is it perfect? No. Does it do everything I want it to do? Absolutely. The head unit comes fully loaded with Google play store and any Android app can be loaded. I am able to watch movies, live TV, navigation with traffic info, hell I can even play Xbox game pass games on this headunit with a Xbox controller. What other unit can do that for $250? Not to mention its plug and play so installation is a breeze.Cons:Chimes speaker is a little weird. Putting some tape over it makes it sound better.Startup is a bit slow but I believe you can wire it to go to sleep and not a full power down.Preloaded Navagation app doesn't display the clock but you can switch to any nav app you want.
  • A****x
    No cutting required for my 08 Silverado. Was easy to install and sounds good and functions good.
  • De****rd
    Great gps/radio for the price.
  • E****.
    This is a great radio and a great price. It was easy to install and looks great. Awesafe customer service was very helpful when I had an issue. I love this radio.
  • Am****er
    Fits my Chevrolet traverse 2012 perfect. Very good stereo love the quality.Has youtube good . GPS and alot more.
  • J****O
    This is a great dvd deck for the money. More instructions for installation needed though. It works great, easy to operate fits and looks great.
  • H****y
    This radio was very easy to install and you can do so much with it,the only thing is the boot up time maybe I am not doing something right but I love it anyway.
  • St****B.
    Perfect fit! A little trouble with the GPS signal but it is still well worth it.
  • li****oe
    Fits great, works great, easy to install
  • M****.
    Easy to install plug and play to factory harness. No splicing or connecting wires. Entire install took maybe 15 minutes.
  • El****th
    He loves it