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  • J****l
    This unit has so many features it took as long to personalize as it did to install.Absolutely a perfect fit and displays like a high end factory unit.Navigation is really cool, audio sounds great and the features are endless. This is worth every penny!
  • JA****ez
    Excellent touch screen and quality unit
  • J****r
    This equipment dose everything I needed it to do and more the navigation is amazing bluetooth very clean sound would buy again
  • D****l
    I recently installed this unit and I am somewhat happy with it, but for the price there are a lot of issues. There are a couple things though that could be show stoppers, at least for me.First the goodThe install is easy up to a certain point. The including harnesses work perfectly, the trim kit is flawless and fits perfectly. The resolution is incredible!Touchscreen is responsiveSound is really good even with stock speakersThe BadLack of instructions for certain things. My back up camera doesn’t work, I have wired it up and confirmed power to the camera while in reverse using a multimeter. I have read the reviews that show which wire goes whereThey include an external mic, so one would assume you need it…no, the built in is more than sufficient, and the external mic actually is bad, sounds like talking in a tunnelThe lack of dongle for CarPlay makes this unit sub par for the money. The manufacturer doesn’t have them in stock so I had to order a different brand. I will update this once I receive the dongle and connect.GPS time function doesn’t appear to work…I have full satellite coverage but the time never actually updates
  • Ro****ie
    Great radio for the money. Instructions not so great but easy to figure out.
  • Ch****on
    This radio was easy to install interacts with vehicle interface its amazing love it
  • R****t
    Overall this is a really nice stereo. It’s easy to install and comes with everything needed. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to install and get working properly.The only issues I had at the beginning was that it didn’t retain my settings but realize that all it needed was to use it for the internal battery to charge.Hardware was all there and easy to install , wire harness was as easy as plug and playSteering wheel control came preset which it was nice.Sound equalizer was nice and easy to work with also.Overall I recommend this stereo for the smooth display and ease of use.
  • wi****er
    Looks like a factory install in my 2003 Jeep liberty. The unit came pre loaded with the iGo navi app and maps for North America. The included camera works great and was easy to install. I contacted the seller about the wiring of the camera and they responded within 24 hours with the info I needed. I love this radio and would recommend it. It was pretty much plug and play though I did have to pull the dash apart to mount the gps antenna. Not too difficult and there are plenty of instructional videos on youtube. I love having my music on a micro sd card. Can't beat this unit for the price!
  • M****e
    Satisfied so far! This thing was so easy to install! Literally 40 minutes on my time! Installed in a 2016 Jeep Wrangler JKU. The most time consuming part of the install was the lunch break I took. Seriously tho, it’s 100% plug and play. I still have steering wheel controls too. Bluetooth works great on my iPhone XR tho I cannot screen mirror (which doesn’t bother me). This unit does not support XM radio but I stream it just as well from my phone. I don’t plan to use the navigation because I use an iPhone so theres really no need. I can really tell a difference in my sound quality too in factory speakers! I hope it lasts!!I removed a star because the instructions are terrible!
  • o****r
    I am loving it . I installed to my 08 Jeep Wrangler it fir perfect ! I bought the back up camera aswell additional they work pretty well . Good quality , easy to install .
  • c****s
    Great price and the product is great.
  • R****.
    I chose this headunit over a name brand (like Alpine, Sony, etc.) because 1) much cheaper 2) looks like factory 3) I wanted Android Auto, and this is literally Android-based, so Android Auto is unnecessary. The 5 does NOT allow you to change the button color. It is in the manual, there is an option to try, but it doesn't work. I emailed the manufacturer, who verified this. They gave me a $50 refund and encouraged me to post this review. Sound quality is not the best, though I haven't played around too much with the equalizer. It is louder than using an FM modulator for Bluetooth (which is what I was doing before) and there is no static or engine whine. Screen can be harder to see in sunlight, even at its brightest setting. Sometimes it's slow to respond vs. instant feedback, but not unusable. I love that I can download apps - I have unlimited hotspot data, so I usually connect it to my phone. Backup camera works, but there were no instructions - Youtube to the rescue! All in all, not a bad unit for the price, as long as you don't have unreasonable expectations.
  • Am****er
    I drive newer cars daily and really am used to the modern conveniences such as bluetooth and pandora. This fit perfectly in the stock location and works great. I now can answer my calls hands free and everyone says it is clear even in an old loud jeep. Very happy with everything for such a great price.
  • d****.
    As it states, this unit is plug and play. Although it doesn't come with an installation manual, it was in and working within an hour. The only issue I had was wiring up the radio antenna. On my original Jeep wiring there are 2 antennas. One is for the am/fm, and the other is for Sirius XM. I mistakenly attached the wrong one. Make sure you use the WHITE antenna plug, not the yellow one. All in all, a great purchase. Fit and finish is good. The bezel fit perfect. Looks nice, and works great. I am not a tech person, so I do not need half of what this unit offers. Customer service was quick and efficient. Good purchase that I would recommend at a nice price.
  • L****T
    Great customer service. Super easy install and great fit in jeep.
  • Lu****es
    Nesesito el canbus del radio el otro se quemo si pudiera comprar todo el harness
  • s****e
    An improvement from my commander stock stereo. I now have Bluetooth capabilities. Only issue was that instructions really don't help too much but very easy to figure out. So far so good....I still want to hook up my back up camera to but that will be down the road.
  • Of****ty
    It work in my 2013 Dodge Caravan 100%, you need to connect it to the steering wheel control in order for it to power on
  • D****A
    I don't do product reviews, but i had to for this product. I had a stock jeep radio before this one. It was bare bones. No nav, no Bluetooth. After doing some research, and coming across this radio, this was the best choice for me. It looks stock, and that was one of my main wants.The navigation works on this unit right out of the box. I did not have to connect any service or credit card information to it whatsoever. It just worked. I still don't really know how this unit just gets free service to power the GPS. It works great though!!The unit automatically connects to my bluethooth when the car is started. Music is playing within 10 seconds.My only 2 complaints, 1 of which I knew before purchasing.- The standard time on the radio is military/universal.-It is not sirius/xm capable. This is not a huge deal, as I do have the app on my phone to use sirius.I was very fortunate how easy this install was. I do have aftermarket speakers and the sound instal guys put in a pack that allowed my steering controls to work. So I literally plugged this radio in, and everything worked great. Steering controls worked without having to configure anything. This could be standard, but I think it was because I already had this pack installed.Great radio! Id definitely recommend buying
  • Ja****ey
    Great product so far easy to install and does everything it claims to do.